Sadly, Louis van Assen passed away on the 9th of April 2013 after being ill for quite some time.

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History of Workers’ Compensation

This month I will concentrate on the history of workers’ compensation.  The reason behind this is not an academic approach but to evaluate the status quo of certain basic principles which were advocated when the legislation was introduced.  The idea is to judge whether the promises incorporated in the original legislation have been adhered to.

The Original Legislation and the Present


In a lighter vein

Injuries on duty are no laughing matter, the consequences are often serious. However, there are two situations which can be humorous.  The first is the situation where the employee is attempting to convince the Commissioner that the injury or alleged injury was sustained at work and thus an injury that he should be compensated for.  The stories that you get to read in letters are not only humorous but also numerous.  Talk about originality and you find it among these versions.


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