Sadly, Louis van Assen passed away on the 9th of April 2013 after being ill for quite some time.

Louis' Blog

As a tribute to Louis van Assen’s lifelong contribution to Workers’ Compensation, we have elected to keep his blogs up on our site for all to read. Please read with renewed appreciation these insights derived from his ongoing commitment to a field in which he believed.

May, 2011
You will remember that we started last month to discuss and explain certain provisions of Chapter
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April, 2011
When someone is injured on duty in an “accident” as contemplated in section 1 of the COIDA, this
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March, 2011
This chapter of the COIDA provides for the procedures and relevant matters to be followed by
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February, 2011
Section 22 is in principle the most important section in the COID Act. Why?
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January, 2011
Compensation Fund (Section 15)
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December, 2010
The Second Chapter of the COIDA deals with the administration of the Act.
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