Even Before 2010, The Magic Year

The new Look
Although not yet 2009, WCA has a new website. Typical of this company to be in a wide-awake frame of mind. Whilst other consultants are enjoying their December 2008 leave, WCA are busy planning for 2009. Good for you, you are not part of one of the chosen “pilot projects” whatever that might mean. At least you are doing it on your own. Congratulations from me with the new site, it is indeed a success. Also to the designer, Peter, should he wish to publish this. You are an acknowledged master in this field. No Peter, not a hint for a double, as you well know I do not drink (whiskey). For those of you who might have a peek at my photo, it is not Peter’s fault; I have experienced numerous problems with difficult IOD’s and have aged a lot since the last photo was taken.
Enough with the compliments for this year, let us get down to business for the last time in 2008.

To all you COID Act administrators, my best wishes for the next 12 months. Should you decide to go away on leave, I beg you to drive safely. The famous racing driver, Stirling Moss, in his biography said that the secret of surviving when driving a car on or off the track is to think for the other driver as well. That is where the principle commonly quoted as “defensive driving” originated. Just keep in mind that you are not covered by the COID Act whilst travelling on leave. As far as the RAF is concerned, let us in the spirit of the Season refrain from any comment, not that it would make any difference. For those of you who I personally know as colleagues or friends, a special word of thanks for your kindness during the past year.

The Crystal Ball
The service in the so-called civil sector will further deteriorate during the coming year. Not because I say so or the fact that the statement might be labelled cynical, as usual, but mainly because of two reasons:

• Election year = popular promises = zero results;

Hordes of experienced staff and management have taken (and will continue to take) severance packages – largely because they know they have no promotion prospects. These are the people who formed the backbone of the civil service.

So, prepare yourself; the service in 2009 will further deteriorate, despite the rhetoric promising all manner of wrath to those who do not deliver.

Legislation 2009
Except for rumours, which have been running for the last 20 years, that the Occupational Diseases in Mines and Works Act will be incorporated in the COID Act, nothing else is in the pipeline. The status quo could be satisfactory. Maybe it is a situation that you do not change something when you have no clue what you are doing. Such an example is the 1997 COID Amendment Act.

I say goodbye for this year. Next year’s column might be in a new format, let us wait and see.

Best of Wishes for all of you.