Sadly, Louis van Assen passed away on the 9th of April 2013 after being ill for quite some time.

Louis' Blog

As a tribute to Louis van Assen’s lifelong contribution to Workers’ Compensation, we have elected to keep his blogs up on our site for all to read. Please read with renewed appreciation these insights derived from his ongoing commitment to a field in which he believed.

May, 2013
Louis, all of us at WCA Workers Compensation Assistance will miss you. I’m sure many, many more people outside our company will join us in saluting the enormous contribution you made to workers’ compensation in South Africa. And I would like to thank you on behalf of many thousands of employers and employees – people who have no idea that their lives were made a little easier, a little fairer, because of your passion for the work you did every day. Our condolences go out to your family and friends. May you rest in peace. Brian Pivo, Managing Member
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May, 2012
This month I will concentrate on the history of workers’ compensation.
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April, 2012
Injuries on duty are no laughing matter, the consequences are often serious.
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March, 2012
How often do you read or hear reports or press releases so delusional that it sounds as if it can
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February, 2012
I have studied the Department of Labour’s press release dated 3/2/2012 regarding their intention
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January, 2012
This is the time of the year that you must prepare for the submission of your annual Return of Ea
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    Compensation Fund’s new system

  1. The new CompEasy system is being rolled out slowly and selectively. Clients: send your claim documents to us for us to submit.
  2. No date has been set for full operation of the new CompEasy system.  Clients: Please do not be threatened by demands for confidential claim documents. Send them (and the threats) only to us.  
  3. Some new claims are being registered on the new CompEasy system - if hand-delivered by the injured employee. Clients: Please do not feel threatened by demands for confidential claim documents. Send them and the demands only to us.
  4. Claim numbers are slowly being issued by the Compensation Fund. Clients: has your MS Power BI IOD dashboard been installed? Please call Johan to install.
  5. Employers are advised: send your injured employees to the doctor with a completed WCl2 Accident Report, payslip and copy of ID. Clients: please check back with us for up-date developments on changes to COID processes. 
  6. Employers: doctors may not turn away IOD patients. Contact us for advice. Clients: if you haven’t yet, please send us your documents to register on the CC’s new system.
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