Change of Trading Name

Change the Compensation Fund’s records to reflect your current trading name.


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Change of Trading Name

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If your business’ trading name has changed (note that this is the trading name only, not the actual business itself), we can help you to change the details recorded at the Compensation Fund.

To be able to do this for you for you, we will need from you:

– Statement on a letterhead stating the details of the trading name change;

– If there are any changes noted at CIPC (CIPRO), record thereof;

Please also take this opportunity to allow us to check whether there is a change in the type of business you conduct. If there has been no change, there will be no need for further work by us in this matter.

If there has been a change from the nature of business that you originally registered (which can happen), we will advise you and, if you agree, we will give effect to the change too. An additional fee will apply.

The most obvious benefit of a correct trading name in the Compensation Fund records is that your COIDA Letters of Good standing will reflect the current trading name – making it easier for your clients and potential clients to identify you.

The Compensation Fund’s on line systems do not allow you to make this change electronically. They must be handled manually.