Failed Return of Earnings (Audit Discrepancy)

If your assessment has been blocked due to a pending audit, we can assist you to clear the discrepancy or pass the audit – or both.


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Failed Return of Earnings (Audit Discrepancy)

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You’ve completed your Return of Earnings – on time and correctly.

But, the Compensation Fund isn’t happy: your earnings this year are much lower than last year for good reason (you’ve sold off some of your business, you’ve restructured, you’ve downsized).

But you can’t tell the Compensation Fund’s computer that.

And now it won’t raise your assessment.

So now you can’t pay your assessment.

The Compensation Fund’s computer says it will come back to you shortly.

But you’ve been waiting weeks. Or months.

And still there’s no word.

This could go on forever and your letter of good standing will soon expire (or it has already) and you’re understandably getting nervous.

Sadly, you’ve realised you’re going to have to handle this personally, with a call or visit to the Compensation Fund.

If you want to avoid the trouble, ask us. We’ll do it for you.

No problem at all.