Registration Renewal

Revive a company registration that’s been hibernating. Typically needed after a company that has been dormant is resurrected.


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Registration Renewal

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A company’s registration at the Compensation Fund will be frozen or terminated in cases where:

  • The business ceases operations
  • It has failed for several consecutive years to submit annual returns
  • The owners have requested termination
  • The company no longer employs staff

Obviously, these circumstances can change. Or the company can be bought or sold.
In any event, if your company’s registration has been cancelled or terminated or frozen and you need to revive it, we can help.
If you’ve tried yourself to renew your registration, you will know that it’s not a walk in the park.

But it’s part of our business so we’ll ride the punches and jump through the hoops, provided you give us the documents we ask for, which include:

  • A completed registration form. It must show the date fromwhich the business again started employing staff.
  • Supporting documents as required on the form;
  • Earnings (wages) paid in the first financial year that the business started employing – and each subsequent year thereafter.

Incidentally, while we’re handling this for you, we will also not be able to help ourselves and we will probably want to know more about what the nature of the business is and look into whether you are properly classified.

If that opens up an opportunity for you to save some money, we’ll let you know (additional fees could apply).