Return of Earnings Audit Objection

The Compensation Fund has audited your Return of Earnings and discovered that you have under-declared.

For the last five years.

But it’s not true.

You need help out of this mess.


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Return of Earnings Audit Objection

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You’ve been calculating your Earnings as you should – and as the Compensation Act says you must – every year for as long as you can remember. You’ve included the regular income and excluded the irregular overtime and allowances.

But, the Compensation Fund has just audited your most recent Return and, for good measure, the Returns from the four years before. Now you’ve been delivered the bombshell: you’ve under-declared by huge amounts every year for the last five years and you must pay in the balance pronto – plus penalties and interest.

How is this possible, and what must you do?

You’ve been told you can object, but on what grounds and how?

We’ll examine the audit findings and we’ll work through your payroll data with you. If there’s a mistake in the audit, we will do what we can to get it reversed and place you back in Good Standing. We’ll also help you to arrange to pay the new assessment in instalments while we work to resolve the discrepancy.

Note that we charge a deposit as well as a 10% success fee.