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Our sincerest thanks for your endorsement of our private workers compensation insurance initiative.

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Endorsement letter

The Minister of Employment and Labour


The directors are cognisant of the imminent changes to the Compensation Act which will permit the Minister to grant licenses to licensees to conduct the business of workers compensation insurance.

We wish to express our support for WCA Workers Compensation Assistance and their intended partners should they apply for such a license.

In our dealings with WCA Workers Compensation Assistance we have experienced their COIDA-related knowledge and we have been assisted by their computer technical expertise. We understand that they will provide these in the envisaged administrative function for the possible licensee.

From the above and their commitment to partnering with appropriate local and global companies in the insurance and reinsurance fields, we hereby express our support for WCA Workers Compensation Assistance and their partners in their envisaged application for a license.

Yours sincerely

Date: 21 May 2024

This is not taken as advice as defined and is not taken to be an invitation to subscribe to any future insurance offering that may be made because of the amendments.